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The hybrid operating system for your endpoints

The groundwork

Everything is based on HD OS.

With HybridDesktop OS, you get a modern, Linux-based operating system for your workstations. Since the operating system is completely platform-independent, you can turn any endpoint device into a secure endpoint.


linux-based, SmartCard support, multifactor authentication, RFID, custom authentication methods


The appearance of HD OS can be easily customized to your needs and CI, incl. specific branding, logo, screensaver, etc..


HD OS supports a wide range of connection protocols (RDP, Citrix, VMware, HP/teradici, Parallels, etc.). In addition, countless local integrations (e.g. of Office applications or collaboration tools) are already included.

Reduced costs

By extending the life of existing hardware, you stretch the timelines to purchase new hardware. Furthermore, you do not need high-priced licenses of other operating systems.

Modular structure

You determine who may use which functions and which functions/modules you need at all.


HD OS can be installed on almost any hardware. No matter if classic Thin Client, Laptop, PC, All-in-One, Industrial PC etc..

Central management

All devices running HD OS can be managed via the HD Management Server. There is no need for time-consuming sneaker network.

Hybrid work environment

In combination with the other HybridDesktop tools, previously unknown possibilities arise.

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